It's a conundrum many parents face: convincing their children to wear underwear can sometimes be as challenging as an uphill battle. The reasons behind this reluctance can vary, but they often boil down to comfort, or the lack of comfort! We explored some Reasons Why Kids Dislike Wearing Underwear in a previous article. From the tight, restrictive fits to the dreaded wedgie, children's aversion to underwear is a tale as old as time. It was a real challenge faced by our Founder, Victoria, and her daughter personally who had always refused to wear uncomfortable classic-cut briefs. We've addressed these concerns head-on, creating solutions that promise to make the morning routines just that little bit easier!

The Underlying Issues Behind Kids Refusing Underwear

Children's skin is delicate, making them more sensitive to textures and fits that might not bother adults. Traditional underwear often misses the mark in providing the comfort necessary for our little ones, leading to common complaints:

  • Itchy Seams and Tags: The rough seams and tags on conventional underwear can irritate sensitive skin, causing discomfort and annoyance.
  • Restrictive Fits: Tight elastic bands can dig into the skin, leaving marks and causing children to feel constricted and uncomfortable.
  • Unwelcome Wedgies: Perhaps the most infamous grievance of all, wedgies can make wearing underwear a literal pain, discouraging kids from wearing their underwear.

Just Peachy Wedgie-Free PantiesJust Peachy’s Wedgie-Free Panties


Just Peachy: Where Comfort Meets Innovation

Understanding these challenges that many parents and children face, Just Peachy set out to design underwear that children love to wear. Our approach is twofold, focusing on the material and the design to ensure maximum comfort:

  • Eco Soft TENCEL™ Modal Fabric: Our underwear is crafted from the finest TENCEL™ Modal fibres, known for its incredible softness and gentleness on even the most sensitive skin. This fabric ensures a "barely there" feel, making our underwear an instant favourite among kids.
  • Thoughtful Design: We've gone beyond the fabric, reimagining the design of children's underwear to address common complaints:
    • Tag-Free and Smooth Seams: Our garments feature printed tags and flat seams, eliminating the itchiness and irritation associated with traditional underwear.
    • Comfortable Fit: We've eschewed tight elastics for soft, flexible trims that move with your child, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit that doesn't dig into their skin.
    • Wedgie-Free Panties: Our new Wedgie-Free Girls' Panty Briefs (available for pre-order Feb 5) boast a unique design with wider coverage and special leg construction to prevent uncomfortable shifting and keep wedgies at bay. Our Wedgie-Free Girls' Panty Briefs have been tried, tested and kid-approved!

Just Peachy's Wedgie-Free Panties that tackles the reasons why toddlers refuse underwearJust Peachy’s Wedgie-Free Panties


Embracing Comfort with Just Peachy

Just Peachy's Feel Good Kids Underwear range, including our Wedgie-Free Panties, addresses the root causes of discomfort. Children are not only happy but actively prefer to wear Just Peachy’s Kids Underwear:


“We love them! They are so comfortable– my kids can't get over how soft they are!”
- Rebecca S. 
“These are really soft and comfortable. My daughter loves the tank tops and refuses to take them off.”
- Yi L. 
“Thanks for the amazing product! I was finding boxer brief for my girl and realised theres no such product. My girl always complain the underwear she used to have always “stuck”.”
- Connie Y.
“Little Miss A is fussy with her under garments. Nothing too tight or too roughy. She instantly loved the camisoles from Just Peachy and praises how soft and comfortable they are.”
- Jade P.


Our commitment to eco-friendly materials and skin-friendly designs ensures that parents can feel good about their choices, too.

In the end, the question of why some kids dislike wearing underwear becomes less of a mystery and more of an opportunity for change. With Just Peachy, children can enjoy the comfort and freedom they deserve, transforming the daily routine of getting dressed into a seamless, fuss-free experience.

Discover Just Peachy Feel Good Kids’ Underwear

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