Mornings with toddlers can be tough if they don’t want to get dressed. But why is it that some children refuse to wear underwear? “It’s too itchy!”, or “Nooo!! Waahh. It’s stuck!” may sound familiar. Rather than assuming this a game of power control, let’s take a brief look at the practical reasons and solutions to kids refusing underwear. 

    1. Your child might have skin sensitivities
      If your child has eczema or dermatitis, they will likely have a sensitivity to synthetic fibres. Your child’s genital areas may get itchy, red or irritated from the underwear material, naturally making children resistant to underwear! Even super-soft polyester can cause Polyester allergy symptoms, including rashes, skin tenderness, hives and itching. Too much moisture or overheating can only exacerbate the symptoms. 
    2. Your child’s underwear is uncomfortable, scratchy or “sticks”
      Assuming there’s no other medical reason why your child has an aversion to underwear, from our community of parents, we often find the reasons behind this is simply because their underwear is uncomfortable, scratchy, itchy, too tight, or it “sticks”. 
    3. Wedgies
      Some underwear rides up and causes wedgies. If the fit isn’t right, it’s likely you’ll have a battle on your hands until you find underwear that prevents wedgies. Have you noticed most girls’ boy shorts are often cut at an angle at the hip which easily rides up and causes even worse wedgies?
    4. Your child has sensory issues
      Whether your child has Sensory Processing Disorder or just feels tactile senses more intensely than others, uncomfortable, scratchy fabrics can feel unbearable. Eliminate this potential trigger for kids with sensory issues and choose underwear they will love every day.
Reasons and solutions to kids refusing underwear

The Best Kids’ Underwear for Underwear-Resistant Kids, Sensitive Skin and Coverage 

Kids’ Underwear for Sensitive Skin

As parents, we searched high and low for the best fabric that would feel super soft, breathable and moisture-wicking for children. We needed something that would soothe sensitive skin and prevent skin irritation altogether. We needed something SO soft that kids want to wear their underwear! We found TENCEL™ Micro Modal, an incredibly soft material that feels so silky on the skin and is produced from natural materials, specifically renewable beechwood, finished with Eco Soft Technology for that unforgettable softness.

“My daughter has very sensitive skin and this is perfect! Literally, the only thing she wants to wear all day right now!” 
- Joyce L. 


Just Peachy Girls' TENCEL™ Micro Modal Camisoles - Set of 2

Kids’ Underwear for Coverage

Once you have introduced your kids to Just Peachy and you’re over the hurdle of negotiating getting dressed, our customers recommend Just Peachy’s Girls' TENCEL™ Micro Modal Shorties. Comfy and just the right fit to prevent that sticking, wedgie feeling.

“I looked for ages for the perfect underwear for my daughter. She loves climbing, she plays at the playground and sleeps legs open on the stroller and of course she wears only dresses. These shorts are so soft, girly and cover her perfectly.”
- Celine P.

Just Peachy Girls' TENCEL™ Micro Modal Shorties - Set of 2

Kids’ Underwear for Underwear-Resistant Toddlers

Defiant toddlers will be heard! But - introduce them to Just Peachy’s Boys' TENCEL™ Micro Modal Boxer Briefs and you may just find they fall in love. 

“My son fell in love with Just Peachy underwear from the very moment he tried on a friend's vest for sizing - he didn't want to take it off! Just Peachy is now the favourite underwear for both my son and daughter - both tops and bottoms. In particular, my son is sensitive to the waistband cutting tight into his skin - this has not been a problem at all with his JP briefs.” 
- Denise

Just Peachy Boys' TENCEL™ Micro Modal Boxer Briefs - Set of 2

Kids’ Underwear for Eczema-Prone Skin

Scratchy cotton, irritating tags? While cotton is a natural material, there’s no denying that after wash, it’s not the softest of materials after all. Not to mention those pesky clothing labels that cause redness and irritations. For eczema-prone skin, The National Eczema Association recommends TENCEL™ Modal clothing. Good to know then that Just Peachy Kids’ Underwear is made the softest and finest TENCEL™ Modal and is tag-free, putting the comfort and health of our kids first. 

“The quality is top notch, not scratchy material and so soft. Love the softness and the awesome colors, also can be used as underwear AND pyjamas. Having an eco-friendly underwear option is also very important to me. We teach our kids so much about saving the planet, so the products which we consume/use should adhere to this way of life.” 
- Ariel S.


Just Peachy TENCEL Modal Tank Tops for kids

Just Peachy TENCEL™ Micro Modal Tank Tops - Set of 2

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