Our journey began when we created the world's first easy-fit cloth diaper, that truly fits from newborn to potty training, with a pull-up style that can still unsnap for mess-free poop changes. Since the launch of our patented Just Peachy Cloth Diaper design, we introduced zero waste diaper care products and our first Feel Good kids underwear crafted from super soft, environmentally responsible TENCEL Modal. We're empowering parents to choose better for their kids and do better for the planet. We're simplifying eco-conscious parenting.

how it started

Meet our founder, Victoria Chuard

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Victoria Chuard founded Just Peachy in 2020. As she had her first child, Victoria became acutely aware of the environmental impact of disposable diapers and its long-term effect on our babies’ health from exposure to chemicals and thus began her own cloth diapering journey.

After over half a decade of researching and testing cloth diapering options from around the globe, her personal experience with her two children led her to become a cloth diapering expert to friends and her local community, helping to guide and troubleshoot with others through their cloth diapering journey, in turn reducing each family’s waste footprint.

In 2020, Victoria developed Just Peachy Cloth Diapers with a goal to create the most effortless reusable cloth diaper solution using skin-safe materials, followed by zero-waste diaper care products & bags, enabling fellow parents to become eco-conscious citizens with ease and convenience.

Just Peachy's debut

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health- & eco-conscious

Introducing Kids Underwear

When Victoria's children grew out of reusable diapers, she struggled to find children’s underwear she was happy with. Just Peachy’s Feel Good kids underwear collection was born out of necessity.

While sustainable fabrics are more commonplace in adult fashion, childrenswear lacks the sustainable alternatives despite the need to cater to growing bodies.

We chose the most comfortable and eco-friendly materials for our kids' sensitive skin. A kinder solution for the planet and better for our kids' health. Choose well, buy less and feel good!

Cloth Diapers

Pull-up or unsnap for mess-free diaper changes. Free from toxins, comfy & kind on sensitive baby bums.

Kids Underwear

Super soft, feel good undies made with Eco Soft TENCEL™ Modal exclusively for Just Peachy.

Zero Waste Diaper Care

From biodegradable liners to reusable wipes, reduce your family's footprint in a few easy steps.

Our Values

Our mission is to create innovative, beautiful yet simply functional essentials for the family that health-, style- and eco-conscious parents will love. We’re empowering parents to do better for the planet and choose better for their kids. 

Our Materials

We believe in using what Mother Nature gave us. Just Peachy Basics are made using the kindest and safest materials for our little ones, without compromising on performance.

We source natural materials for its breathability, thermal-regulating, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties for healthier skin and comfort. Ideal for sensitive skin, natural materials reduce skin irritations often associated with synthetic, untested materials.

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