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Laundry & Care

What are the laundry instructions?

Before Use: 

Just Peachy diapers need to be washed and dried before first use. They are pre-washed to help rid the fibers of its natural oils, but will become more absorbent as these oils are washed away.

Regular Laundering:

- Prewash on cold or warm

- Wash on warm up to 40oC/100oF with the appropriate amount of additive free detergent for a dirty load. Inserts can be washed separately on hot. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. 

- Add an extra rinse cycle on cold or warm.

- You may hang dry (ideally in the sun for some natural bleach power!) or dry on low in the dryer. If the diapers are stiff after line drying, you can throw them in the dryer on low heat, but they will get softer as they are being worn. If your bamboo cotton inserts shrink from tumble drying, you can gently steam/iron them to relax the fibers.

How often should I wash my cloth diapers?

Most of our customers like to wash dirty diapers every 2 days, but anything from 1-3 days is normal. You may optionally rinse off pee or solids after each diaper use, especially diapers that have been worn all night, to make the washing process easier and avoid buildup in the long run.

Can I tumble dry my cloth diapers?

Yes, you can tumble dry both covers and inserts on low heat. If you don’t have a dryer, line drying especially in direct sunlight is a great option that also doubles as a disinfectant and bleach treatment too! Dehumidifiers under your drying rack indoors can also help speed up drying if neither of the above are options.

Can I use bum creams while using cloth diapers?

There are cloth-safe diaper creams that wash out more easily, but we would highly recommend at least using a disposable liner to protect your diapers. If it doesn’t get washed well enough out of your diapers, it can quickly cause repelling and lead to leakages.

Do I need to prep my brand new diapers?

We’ve added elasticity everywhere! The additional, premium elastics that we’ve used in the front and back of the waist, in the ears and the leg gussets makes it easier to get a good fit on babies of a broader range of shapes and sizes. It may not fit everyone, but we like to think it eliminates the conundrum of whether to buy newborn diapers or not as well as fit older toddlers for longer until they’re ready to potty train.

How do I sanitize my pre-loved Just Peachy diapers?

We love for our diapers to be passed on from family to family, so that the most can be made of each diaper. What we would recommend you to check is how well the diapers have been looked after, to avoid getting diapers that already have excessive buildup which can lead to smells and leaks. We recommend doing a good, one-off bleach wash or at least boiling water strip of the inserts (please note we do not recommend using bleach or any other harsh treatments on a regular basis) to make sure they are properly sanitized (especially against a yeast or other bacterial infection) and buildup is broken down as much as possible. Make sure to do an extra rinse cycle after any bleaching.

My diapers smell like barn (ammonia). What should I do?

That barnyard smell is a telltale sign of ammonia buildup in your diapers. It usually means your wash routine needs adjustment. Check that your detergent is strong enough to tackle dirty diapers, not a gentle baby detergent, and doesn’t contain plant oils or enzymes. Also make sure you’re using the recommended amount of detergent for your load - too little detergent could mean you’re not getting them clean enough, and too much detergent could mean it’s not getting washed out and there is residue. A detergent that contains a water softener can also help in case your water is on the hard side.

My baby had a yeast infection. Should I bleach my diapers?

Regular use of bleach will harm your diapers and cause premature wear and tear, but an occasional mild bleach wash can help and would be recommended in the event of a yeast or bacterial infection. Use ¼ cup for a front-load washer on a warm wash with an extra rinse.

How should I store my diapers between laundry days?

Our recommendation is to rinse your diapers to remove any surface solids or pee and then wring dry and leave in a dry pail for laundry day. Rinsing is optional. Breastfed poop may look yucky, but it is completely water soluble and comes out of diapers pretty easily for most people. You may soak your diapers between washes, but it is not necessary and can lead to premature wear and tear.


Are Just Peachy diapers All-In-One, All-In-Two or Pocket?

Just Peachy’s patent-pending design allows them to be convertible between pocket style, where inserts can be used inside the pocket of the diaper, and Hybrid All-In-Two style, where the insert is snapped on top. This way you can have the best of both worlds!

How do I use the inserts that come with each diaper set?

Each diaper set comes with two ultra absorbent inserts. Included is one shorter bamboo cotton insert that can be used with the newborn cover setting, or later as a booster for additional absorbency. The longer insert is made of hemp cotton, which is extremely thirsty and suitable for older toddlers and on the larger cover settings.

Why is the inside layer of the diaper cover made of microfleece?

We love natural fibers like bamboo, hemp and cotton for their super absorbency, but microfleece absorbs liquid the fastest, so for babies who are sensitive to wetness, we wanted to leave the option to have this fast-absorbency layer between baby’s skin and the natural fibers that will do the absorbency heavy-lifting when using the diaper as a pocket diaper. This way you can have a super absorbent diaper that’s also suitable for babies with sensitive skin

Why are Just Peachy diapers a more true-fit one size diaper?

We’ve added elasticity everywhere! The additional, premium elastics that we’ve used in the front and back of the waist, in the ears and the leg gussets makes it easier to get a good fit on babies of a broader range of shapes and sizes. It may not fit everyone, but we like to think it eliminates the conundrum of whether to buy newborn diapers or not as well as fit older toddlers for longer until they’re ready to potty train.

Can Just Peachy diapers be used as training pants?

Yes! Because the inserts are so trim, and the diaper can be pulled up and down, they can be used for potty training as well.

Why have you chosen the materials you’ve chosen for Just Peachy’s inserts?

We know from experience that bamboo and hemp are the Thirsties materials - so you don’t have to change as frequently throughout the day. We’ve used a cotton blend of these materials to help speed up the absorbency, which reduces the chances of leaks significantly. We’ve also kept trimness in mind, because we want all the absorbency without the bulk. We’ve included premium, natural fiber inserts in each kit so that you have everything you need for effortless cloth diapering, and so that there are no hidden purchases to get a reasonable amount of absorbency and avoid leaks.

Can I use Just Peachy cloth diapers on my newborn?

Absolutely! Our patent pending design has extra leak protection and can be folded down really small, to prevent leaks from waist and legs due to a challenging fit with newborns. The sizing of this cloth diaper is as versatile as it gets!

Can I use other inserts in my Just Peachy covers?

Yes, you can use other inserts or even folded muslins or flour sack towels for instance if you wish. Just make sure they are the correct width when used inside the cover pocket so that there are no gaps on the sides of the legs that could lead to leaks.

Can I use both inserts at the same time?

Yes! We’ve designed it specifically to allow for both inserts to be used securely in the cover, so that you have maximum absorbency for naps and when you’re out and about, without having too much bulk. We recommend for one insert to be used inside the pocket and for the other insert to be snapped on top, to avoid either insert from moving around.


How long are my Just Peachy diapers covered under warranty?

We stand by our products and will protect you from any manufacturing defects within one year of purchase. All you have to do is contact us or the seller and provide the receipt.

All our diapers are made by hand so there may be very slight variations in the placement of the snaps on the stretchy ear tabs, which will not affect the functioning of the diapers and thus will not be considered a defect.

Is there anything that’s not covered by warranty?

Warranty will not cover damage from any of, but not limited to, the below: 

- Laundry water temperature exceeding 100oF/40oC

- Using a detergent containing additives (whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap

- Use of fabric softeners or caustic substancesSoakingDiaper rash cream causing repelling

- Excessive wash routine and/or excessive wear and tearAccidental damage (items caught/torn/melted in a washing machine/dryer)

The Warranty DOES NOT cover leaking, diaper odor, normal wear & tear, natural fiber wear holes, pilling, snags or shrinkage.


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How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders will be shipped as soon as possible on a first-come-first-served basis, and generally within 2 days of order placement. Depending on where it is being shipped to, postage time will vary, but will generally be within 14 business days under normal circumstances. If your package is taking longer than that, check the tracking number provided and make sure there wasn’t already a delivery attempt, or the courier has tried to contact you, or that it is pending customs clearance.

Read the full Shipping & Returns policy.

Do I have to pay customs duty?

If your country requires customs duty for products shipped into the country, it will be your responsibility to pay any duties and clear customs. Purchases made through other merchants will follow their respective customs clearance policies.

Will my orders be trackable?

Yes, all of our packages will be sent with tracking numbers, which you can check to follow your order’s journey. If you cannot find the tracking number, please feel free to contact us.

Is your packaging sustainable?

At Just Peachy, we ship our goods in home-compostable and biodegradable mailer bags.

How do you reduce your carbon footprint? Do you offset your carbon?

Domestic US shipments are carbon neutral. All carbon offsets are automated through our shipping partner and Ecocart