Our mission is to create innovative, beautiful yet simply functional essentials for the family that health-, style- and eco-conscious parents will love. We’re empowering parents to do better for the planet and choose better for their kids. 

From the world’s first pull-up diaper of its kind to kids underwear that feels good and is kind to the planet, we design products that are easy to use and easy to love using premium, sustainable materials that have longevity. Choose well, buy less, feel good. 

We are committed to making products that embody


We source the kindest materials for little ones' skin. From bamboo- and hemp-cotton cloth diaper inserts to Eco Soft TENCEL™ Modal, each material is OEKO-TEX® certified assuring Just Peachy products are healthy & toxin-free.


Just Peachy was born from a vision of a sustainable future for our kids - less waste, cleaner air, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions - a future where climate change is no longer a threat to humanity, where we can thrive in harmony.


We believe in buying less and reusing premium quality products designed to last. We select earth-friendly luxurious fabrics at honest prices. We believe quality goods should be accessible for parents to reuse with family and friends, again and again.

We believe in acting environmentally and socially responsible now for the betterment of our planet, people’s health and our children’s future.

Our Commitment to the Planet

Just Peachy’s products are made with the most sustainable materials available without compromising on functionality. Our cloth diapers rely on the incredible absorbency of bamboo and hemp, both crops that require less water and no pesticides to make super thirsty, leak-proof diapers.  

Just Peachy’s feel good kids underwear is made from biodegradable TENCEL™ Modal made of beechwood from certified sustainable forests. Our fiber supplier strives to safeguard resources, use renewable energy and recover as much process chemicals as possible to make sustainable fibers which are in turn spun into fabric made uniquely for Just Peachy.

All our packaging is plastic-free and fully biodegradable too, which we endeavor to make with FSC certified materials 


Giving Back

Just Peachy was born out of an urgent call to action to reduce our environmental impact by lessening our waste and limiting our children’s exposure to toxic chemicals.

With every purchase at Just Peachy, we have committed to donating 1% of our sales to environmental charity, Redress, in partnership with 1% For The Planet.

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