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Our mission

Simplifying eco-conscious parenting

Just Peachy creates a range of zero-waste accessories, the first pull-up and chemical-free cloth diaper and underwear, made with TENCEL™ Modal woven with Eco Soft Technology. We're empowering parents to do better for the planet and choose better for their kids.

So soft, breathable for comfort

Jonah is potty training and is transitioning to underwear. As he’s not used to material against his skin, he finds most pants irritating but a whole afternoon in Just Peachy pants and he was so comfortable, he didn’t even realise. I love that the material is so soft, breathable for comfort and I love the range of colours. It’s increasingly important that we all make conscious decisions and choose eco-friendly product when and where we can. When it doesn’t feel like a choice for that reason alone, such as with Just Peachy underwear then it’s easy.

— Saffron

So soft!

What really makes Just Peachy’s underwear different to others is how soft it feels! And the simple design makes it easy to match with other clothes.

— Fiona

My son loves them and doesn’t want to take them off!

The breathable and light fabrics make Just Peachy’s tank top and boxer shorts so comfortable and soft! My son loves them and doesn’t want to take them off! These will be great for summer sleepwear too.

— Vivian

Looooove these wipes!

“These lovely bamboo wipes are so soft and I love that they come with different coloured trimming. We use one colour for hands android faces and the other for pooey nappies.”
— May S.

The best cloth diapers I have even tried

"I have been using exclusively cloth diapers with my 3 children, have tried several brands and can honesty say that Just Peachy are the best, you can see they are designed thinking in all the details, the anti leaking is a huge improvement, the option to use them from newborn until toddler goes with the philosophy of minimalism plus they have extremely cute designs. I totally recommend them!"

— Ayelen

Incredible fit

"We have tried so many different cloth diaper brands but honestly, none have fit our baby as well as JustPeachy. The beautiful neutral color are the cherry on top."

— Claire M.

Just Peachy Basics

Free of harmful chemicals

We choose materials that are certified skin-safe, reducing skin irritations and assuring the highest quality, softest feel for your little ones' skin.


From cloth diapers to reusable wipes and wet bags, our products are designed to be reused again and again, reducing your family's waste footprint.

How it began

Every disposable diaper ever created, still exists today.* Just Peachy began with a mission to reduce waste with our first patented Cloth Diapers.

Must-have for every eco-conscious parent

One of our go-to modern cloth nappies for new parents is Just Peachy. Its thoughtful design is versatile and easy to use for a leak-proof experience, with unique features like its ability to be pulled up for quick changes. Their gorgeous 3-pack is a must-have on every eco-conscious parent's baby list.


Top 10 best nappy brands approved by Aussie households

Super comfortable, ultra absorbent and truly able to grow with your baby - well into toddlerhood. This is the different Just Peachy Cloth Nappies delivers.

- One Fine Baby

Leak-free & great for toddlers because they can be worn as pull-ups

Eco-friendly parents, listen up! The Mama behind Petit Tippi, Victoria Chuard, has launched her own brand of easy-fit cloth diapers for newborns right through to tots in potty-training. The pull-up style pants also have an unsnap option, perfect for pooamis. Reuse the cover and change the inserts in the All in Two option, or use customised inserts for the Pocket style diaper.

- Sassy Mama

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