If your children have sensitive skin or have suffered the discomfort of eczema, you’ll know there’s no price you’d put on making them comfortable. With children of our own, we searched for the softest, silkiest fabrics that would provide comfort all day long. Moisture-wicking and naturally breathable TENCEL™ Micro Modal ensure that little ones will want to wear their underwear in any climate. 

Wellbeing for less

Improving our family’s wellness is our priority and is a priceless endeavour in ensuring family health. Reducing toxins in our home environment is one of the many small steps we can take to reduce our children’s exposure to unnecessary toxins. The clothes and materials we choose to wrap our bodies in are just some variables we can be mindful of. While choosing premium quality clothing may often feel like an expensive bid toward a ‘cleaner’ wardrobe, it needn’t cost the earth, figuratively and literally. 

Just Peachy TENCEL Micro Modal Underwear costs versus Organic and Pima cotton alternatives

Just Peachy TENCEL™ Micro Modal Tank Tops provide a luxury hand feel for less compared to the Premium Organic Cotton and Pima Cotton alternatives.

Better value compared to premium alternatives

We never compromise on quality. Just Peachy TENCEL™ Micro Modal is sourced from LENZING™ assuring the raw material, beech wood, is only sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighbouring countries. Despite opting for high-quality, silky soft TENCEL™ Micro Modal, at Just Peachy we have achieved competitive prices compared to our premium organic cotton counterparts. Comfortable basics are a luxury we want to make accessible to everyone.

Fabric cost to make kids sustainable underwear

TENCEL™ Micro Modal is a luxurious, premium fabric sold at the wholesale price of $10/lb. At Just Peachy, we reduce our margins so that we can provide accessible prices for our customers. Comparatively, organic cotton is sold at $0.9/lb1 marked up significantly higher at 10x for retail, and $2.8/lb2 for premium pima cotton.

Micro Modal vs. Cotton

Cotton, Pima & Egyptian cotton and organic cotton are often seen as good natural material options for parents. Conventional cotton farming uses the most pesticides of any crop in the world, leaking chemicals into groundwater and uses significant land, water and energy resources. Organic cotton is the preferred option compared to conventional cotton for eco-conscious parents - but with cotton’s affinity to wrinkling, shrinking and a starker handfeel, we landed on TENCEL™ Micro Modal for its supreme softness. Thanks to its silky soft handfeel, it is known to prevent eczema flare-ups and also help speed up the healing process by giving the skin relief and time to breathe, rebuilding its moisture barriers. 

TENCEL Micro Modal vs Conventional cotton

TENCEL™ Micro Modal, a high quality, responsibly sourced material, compared to Conventional Cotton.


We made underwear designed to last with minimal impact on the environment. We want our little customers to hand down underwear to their little brothers and sisters, or extended family, keeping their basics in reuse. With high-quality fibers that don’t pill, TENCEL™ Micro Modal can last generations. At the end of life, TENCEL™ Micro Modal is 100% biodegradable and compostable.  

Just Peachy TENCEL™ Micro Modal Kids’ Underwear is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Just Peachy TENCEL™ Micro Modal Kids’ Underwear is 100% biodegradable and compostable.  

With Just Peachy Kids' Underwear offering improved wellness, all while reducing our impact on the Earth, comfort is priceless.

1 Organic Cotton Market Report, 2021, Textile Exchange
2 Pricing as of January 20, 2023, Market Data and Research, Supima.

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