We’re easing into the new year with wellness at the forefront. Family wellness begins with you; building healthy daily habits every day to support you and your family’s well being will help promote a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll share a few tips that promote wellness in four of its components: 

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual 

Simplify your schedule, prioritise quality time & play!

We often hear parents say they are so “busy” but we sometimes forget that we have the power to say “no” to events that we feel obligated to attend. Stripping back your calendar and simplifying your family’s schedule can free up time to prioritise quality time with your family, vastly improve family wellness and bonding. Connect with family over mealtimes, and commit to no screens during mealtimes for both adults and children. This not only encourages family bonding and social development but will also help foster healthy eating habits. 

Play with your children or plan activities to do together. Play is such an important part of child development, and is necessary for adults too! Play not only improves cognitive, physical and social development but also builds self-worth by giving children a sense of their abilities. A parent consciously taking the time to play with their child promotes a child’s confidence and stimulates a sense of connection and validation that carries through to adulthood. 

For more advice on child development and parenting, we love:

  • Dr. Gabor Maté - Speaker and best-selling author specialising in addiction, stress and child development.
  • Dr. Shefali - Clinical psychologist, an expert in family dynamics and personal development 

Play is healthy for cognitive, physical and social development

Quality, play time improves cognitive, physical and social development
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Reduce toxins in your home environment

Sadly toxins are closer than you think and can have a harmful impact on your health. While it might be impossible to completely purify your home, there are small steps you can take that will drastically reduce your family’s exposure to toxins. 

  • Switch to natural household cleaning products
    Bleach can lead to irritation in the eyes, mouth, lungs or skin. Studies link exposure to chemicals from cleaning products to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. You may find that symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, skin rashes and headaches may disappear when you stop using toxic cleaning chemicals - they did in our household! 
  • Switch to natural beauty products
    A common endocrine-disruptor, Triclosan, may be found in personal care products. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals can lead to small changes to your hormone levels that can significantly impact your body leading to health issues. 
  • Choose chlorine-, phthalate- and BPA-free menstrual care products and diapers
    Medical studies have found sanitary pads and diapers contain higher phthalate contents than those in common commercial plastic products. As parents, we extensively researched ways in which we can limit toxic chemicals from our baby care and found that disposable diapers were full of unhealthy, plastic materials - often the cause of irritations. So, we made it our mission to create Just Peachy’s high quality, cloth diapers made using natural, Intertek certified skin-safe materials that we love and trust for our own babies; and Just Peachy Feel Good Kids’ Underwear is crafted in TENCEL™ Micro Modal fibers extracted from naturally grown beech wood.
  • Reduce plastics
    Plastic wrap, plastic bottles and plastic food storage containers can leach phthalates into our food. When buying plastic products, check they are phthalate-, PVC- and BPA-free. 
  • Filter your water
    Drinking tap water can contain heavy metals that have adverse health effects. Filter your tap water and reduce your exposure to toxins. Do drink more safe, filtered water! Drinking water can help flush toxins and waste from the body, aids digestion and staying hydrated will alleviate headaches and fight fatigue. 


Developing healthy sleep habits for the whole family supports family wellness. While this will naturally be a challenge with young babies and toddlers, working toward sufficient, quality sleep for the whole family helps to support immunity, metabolism and cognitive performance. 

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Less mess, less stress

Organising your home and decluttering can reduce anxiety and a lack of focus. If you need a helping hand to declutter and organise your home, we love The Happy Space, professional home organisers! 


Be mindful of the scents you fill your home with. Odours go directly to the limbic system, the part of the brain involved in behavioural and emotional responses and this is why smells have a direct impact on your mood (and can trigger memories!). Try to avoid fragrances and opt for natural essential oils diffused in your home to reduce toxins. 

Promote mental, emotional and spiritual wellness through a daily mindful meditation practice. This can help reduce stress, enhance performance and improve mindfulness, promoting mindful connection with loved ones.


Stay active

Physical activity is not only beneficial to your body but it’s great for mental health too. 

“Being active releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good - boosting your self-esteem and helping you concentrate as well as sleep well and feel better.” – MentalHealth.org.uk

Playing sports or going for walks with the family relieves tension, gives a natural energy boost and provides an opportunity for more family bonding. 

Our list could go on, but we hope these tips will inspire you to kick start your family’s year with wellness as your priority! 

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