In the bustling city of Hong Kong, where the fast pace of life often leaves little room for tranquillity, The Happy Space Co. emerges as a beacon of calm and creativity. Founded by Nassim Secci, this innovative company goes beyond mere tidying up, offering professional organizing services that transform living and working environments into spaces that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also function seamlessly.

In our interview with Nassim, we delve into the origins of The Happy Space Co. and explore its mission to revolutionize the concept of organization. Nassim shares her journey of establishing a company that caters to the demanding lifestyle of busy professionals and their families, crafting spaces that are not just tidy, but also intuitively designed and easy to maintain.

The Happy Space Co.'s impact extends far beyond organized drawers and neatly arranged shelves. Nassim reveals the deeper connection between decluttered spaces and overall wellness, highlighting how a tidy home can be the first step towards a joyful, peaceful life. Uncover the secrets of creating a living space that sparks creativity and brings peace, and learn how Nassim's passion for organization is changing lives, one space at a time.

How did your journey begin in transforming spaces for busy professionals in Hong Kong?

I was a corporate lawyer and after having kids, I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water trying to manage work and family life. I was always a very organized person, but didn’t have time to keep it up at home or to create systems that I so badly needed.  

I made the difficult decision to resign after falling out of love with my career. When I was thinking about what I wanted to do next, I kept thinking about ideas that involved helping working women in one way or another. At the same time, I was organizing my home and life and was blissful in the process. At the moment when I thought “I could do this every day”, I realized “Oh my gosh! This is what I should do!”

Nassim Secci, once a Corporate Lawyer, found her calling as a professional organizer - transforming spaces for her clients into joyful and peaceful homes.


In your approach, organizing a space goes beyond mere tidiness. Can you elaborate on how The Happy Space Co. designs systems that are not only intuitive but also sustainable for long-term organization? 

The personalization and sustainability of our organizing is so important to us.  We want the organizing to continue working for months and years after we leave and we want it to represent your real life.  For most of our clients that means we are not spending time perfectly folding your socks and underwear, for example, into picture-perfect drawers because most of our clients would never bother keeping that up. 

For us, it is about understanding how your family operates, what your personality type is, and a lot of other nuanced elements to put in place a system that is simple and easy to follow.  For example, a client was recently telling us about how annoyed she gets when she finds so many packages of opened pasta or opened snacks. We suggested a system where opened items would go so that those would be considered before a new package was opened. This brought her a lot of joy and made her feel better about not being wasteful. For another client, this might be a non-issue so we would skip over it.


Can you share 3 top tips/steps that The Happy Space Co. begins with to get started on decluttering?

  1. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Decluttering alone, for most people, can quickly become overwhelming. So start small.
  2. Be prepared with these categories in designated areas: toss, donate, give away (to someone specific), sell
  3. If you are feeling especially motivated and have time, create a “relocate” pile where you take out items that don’t belong, like a mini-usb cord that you could put with other electronic items in another room.

Decluttering can be overwhelming when you're doing it solo. Be prepared with designated areas for sorting.


You emphasize that an organized home is the beginning of a joyful life. Can you discuss the psychological and emotional benefits your clients experience after their spaces are organized? How does this transformation impact their daily life and wellness?

There is something so profoundly powerful about decluttering and organizing your home.  It shifts the energy of your home, makes you feel lighter, and it gives you clarity.  

For some mothers, for example, it has helped them embody who they want to be as mothers.  Perhaps they want to be the crafty mom who does those special pinterest activities for the holidays, but they feel like they can’t ever find what they need. When your craft items are organized by holiday (Valentine’s, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) it makes it infinitely easier. 

For other women, a well-organized space means a smoother morning routine. Picture effortlessly selecting your outfit, embracing your style, and confidently stepping into the day.

For our business clients, local Hong Kong business CEOs and CFOs, the impact is tangible. Organizing their spaces has amped up productivity and focus, translating directly into business success. It's not just about clean surroundings; it's about making a meaningful difference in every aspect of life.

An organized home can bring peace and meaningful impact to your family life.

Organizing spaces in a bustling city like Hong Kong must come with unique challenges, especially for busy families. What are some of the common obstacles you encounter, and how do you address them to create functional yet beautiful spaces?

The most frequent hurdle we encounter is the lack of space.

Our approach centers around decluttering – it's the game-changer. Even clients who've done some decluttering before we step in are often surprised by how much more we do together. Once the excess is out, we get you organized with our specialized techniques.

Creating more space involves a mix of strategies. We might suggest the right organizing products, reevaluate how your possessions are arranged, or even shake things up with some furniture rearrangement. It's all about finding creative solutions that not only maximize functionality but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your living spaces.

The Happy Space reevaluates how your belongings and furniture are arranged to maximize space and functionality. 


Looking ahead, how do you see The Happy Space Co. evolving? Are there new initiatives or areas of organizing that you are excited to explore, especially considering the ever-changing dynamics of urban living?

The future for The Happy Space Co. looks pretty exciting! We're gearing up to launch our own line of organizing products. Having spent the past three years sourcing and testing every conceivable type of organizing gear, we've identified what works seamlessly and noticed some gaps in the market, particularly when it comes to organizing kids' belongings.

Our upcoming products aim to bridge those gaps – think versatile, practical, and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. We're all about making organization not just functional but also beautiful, because your living space should reflect both style and practicality.

You can find out more about the Happy Space Company on their website and Instagram.

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