Perhaps you've come across cloth diapers before, maybe even considered giving them a try! Well, here are 5 great reasons why you should delay no more

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Baby J wearing a peach Just Peachy diaper from Pretty In Pink 3-Pack

1. 🌏 Environmental impact - Every year, 20 billion disposable diapers goes to landfill in the U.S. alone.* With the devastating environmental impact of single-use, disposable diapers, we knew we had to make a change in the way we care for our baby bums. ⠀

2. 🚫 Harmful chemicals - Disposables are made of unhealthy plastic materials which not only contain toxic endocrine-disrupting chemicals but can also cause skin irritations. We found from first-hand experience, cloth diapers reduced these irritations.⠀

3. 💰 Savings - While disposable diapers seem cheap, the cost adds up over the years. By switching to cloth diapering, you can save up to $2,000 USD on your first child's diapers and those savings skyrocket with subsequent babies. YES, that is even after factoring the additional costs of washing and drying and detergent - here's one example of the maths
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Baby A wearing an olive Just Peachy diaper from Lucky Charm 3-Pack

4. 💩 You'll never run out of diapers - Have you ever run out on a panicked diaper run only to find the only brand of disposables that doesn't leak and doesn't give your baby a rash sold out? Many cloth diapers, including Just Peachy's, are so versatile that you can use a receiving blanket, a tea towel or anything else as an insert (if you're waiting for laundry day). The covers dry very quickly too! ⠀

5. 👶🏼 Cuteness - Let's face it, cloth diaper designs are CUTE and that is a completely legit reason to choose cloth. There is so much opportunity for outfit matching and it's much more pleasing on the eye, especially for those precious newborn photos. 🍑⠀

Just Peachy Baby Pretty In Pink Diapers

Just Peachy Pretty In Pink 3-Pack

Ready to dive in? Start your cloth diaper journey with a pack of Just Peachy diapers! 

Still have some questions? Check out our Quick Start Guide for easy videos to get you started with reusable nappies in no time

* US Environmental Protection Agency

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