Welcome to the first edition of Teen Talk Tuesdays* in collaboration with Karen Chan from The Greenstone Group, a new weekly initiative to support teens and their parents. Karen, a registered counselor and ICF-accredited coach, offers holistic therapeutic support through psychotherapy and coaching, specializing in confidence issues, anxiety, stress, and more. Today, we're addressing a common concern:

Dear Karen, 

I have two young girls and would love to get your thoughts on when to consider getting a bra for a tween, what to look for in a bra, and frankly, how to even have the conversation about bras!  My older one is 10 and I have noticed she is getting a little self-conscious about her body. Grateful for any advice you can provide!

Dear Parent, 

This can indeed be a minefield! But it can also be a positive bonding experience between you and your tween. This is an important subject as there are links between bras and body image. Between ages 9 – 12, as girls start to experience physical maturation, they can be hyper-focused on their body changes, which can impact their confidence. I’ll try to tackle your when, what and how questions one at a time.

  1. When to consider getting a bra: Noticeable physical changes, such as the start of breast growth, as well as a tween’s own awareness of such changes, signal this is an appropriate time to consider a bra. Tweens may also experience peer influence and express curiosity or interest in wearing a bra.
  2. What to look for in a bra: For her first bra, sometimes called a training bra or bralette, fit and comfort is key. There are online resources that offer guidance on how to measure for fit. It should be just snug enough so it stays in place (particularly for active tweens). Additional features to consider are support, easy to wear and made of material that is kind to the skin. Some bralettes offer optional soft pads/cups for extra coverage.
  3. How to have a conversation about bras: Be attentive to cues from your tween, including non-verbal cues and behaviors. Provide a supportive and open environment for her to share her feelings and experiences, and encourage her to raise questions related to puberty and body development.
Just Peachy Confidently You Bralette, first training bra, worn by teen girl

Just Peachy Confidently You Bralette

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Karen Chan, of The Greenstone Group, is a registered counsellor and ICF-accredited coach who works with teens and adults, focusing particularly on women at all life stages. Recognizing the difficulty of moving forward without addressing past issues, Karen provides a holistic therapeutic experience through psychotherapy and the transformational power of coaching. Her clients include those struggling with confidence issues, low mood, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, or those wanting to make a change but not knowing how. Using evidence-based practices like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Karen takes a flexible, respectful, and client-centred approach, offering a safe and trusting environment for clients to heal and find a path forward. With over 20 years of corporate experience, she also consults with companies to promote workplace mental wellness and resilience.

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