They’re determined to reduce landfill waste and create a sustainable future. Meet the female-led team at Just Peachy and find out what inspires them to strive toward zero-waste living.


Victoria Chuard, Just Peachy Founder and CEO with her 2 kids

Victoria, Founder & CEO


What does a sustainable future mean to you?


Victoria: I believe there is a time and place for everything, even plastic. To me, a sustainable future means one in which we make consumption choices taking into consideration its impact, its short-term and long-term effects, on our environment, our resources, and even our health. I want to live in a beautiful world where all living things live in balance and harmony, not one full of pollutants.


What inspired you to seek 'zero-waste' alternatives?


Victoria: I have lived in places before where there are piles of garbage piled up in every neighborhood corner, with nowhere to go. It’s really an ugly sight and made me feel like if this doesn’t stop, the garbage would literally consume us. I don’t want our children to feel that way, and even though many of us can’t see where our garbage ends up, we are certainly feeling the effects of not taking care of our environment, and I want to slow that as much as possible before it’s too late.


Have you faced any obstacles or biases as a female entrepreneur? If yes, how did you overcome them?


Victoria: Absolutely. I think one of the biggest challenges for modern women is this expectation that being a mother, a homemaker and the mental burden of everything that comes with it is the primary responsibility of the mom/wife, and if you work or have other responsibilities it comes secondary to that. I think one of the main reasons I’ve been able to juggle as much as I do, is having a solid support system, especially my husband who takes on a great deal of the parenting responsibilities with me.


What do you dream of achieving with Just Peachy?


Victoria: My biggest wish for Just Peachy is to offer parents easy, accessible, beautiful sustainable alternatives. Cloth diapering is something I think so many families are able to do, even if it’s just one diaper a day if we really wanted to give it a shot, but I completely understand that it can feel daunting and confusing, on top of everything else that parenting brings, and I want to take that away - I want to make it a stress-free and beautiful experience.


The Team


Celine Pasteur, Just Peachy Chief Financial Officer with her daughter

Celine, Chief Financial Officer


What does a sustainable future mean to you?


Celine: It means: create or reuse products that do not affect our planet and the lives of future generations.

Sarah: We make choices in our daily lives. A sustainable future is about making a choice that will positively impact the world around us and make the planet's resources last as long as possible. We all need to think about what we can do, big or small, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Monica: A future where we are not just taking the resources from our mother earth, but we are also giving back to the world in a positive way, a more beautiful and healthier place for our future generations.

Shela: A sustainable future means seeing the world we live in in the most beautiful and cleanest environment that our children’s children will see. People who will think twice or thrice before putting out trash in their respective manner. A future without poverty, without pollution.


Sarah Buckell, Just Peachy Business Development Manager

Sarah, Business Development Manager


What inspired you to seek 'zero-waste' alternatives?


Celine: I grew up with a mum who was already committed to this cause: she reused items of any kinds, built her eco-house, fought to have solar panels in her house and ate seasonal fruits/veggies, avoided meat or imported food. It was then normal for me to continue in this direction and see how to contribute my part and even offer improvements as much as possible.

Sarah: I grew up seeing plastics thrown everywhere and when heavy rain comes, drainage gets blocked which leads to flooding. It ruins the environment, our home and it can even affect our health. That is why I try my best to minimize my waste and use reusables as much as I can.

Monica: ‘Zero-waste’ stories and news shared on the Internet, Netflix, and TV channels. They educated me and opened my eyes to a new way of living, what we can do to build a better world for future generations.

Shela: Having to use reusable bags everyday lessens my worries on how to dispose of plastic waste. Something my family & I learned and will continue to do so and educate the future generations.


Monica Zheng, Just Peachy Business Development Manager

Monica, Business Development Manager


Have you faced any obstacles or biases in your career? If yes, how did you overcome them?


Celine: I faced a lot of obstacles in my career. I believe being a woman and having a managerial job is a challenge. My worst experience was when I had an interview to work as a general manager for a famous brand. The first 2 questions I was asked were: Are you married? Do you want kids? And then the interviewer said "you know you cannot have kids and manage a company".

Sarah: It’s not a thing in the past and some women are still experiencing it. Women have the ability to stay calm and manage their emotions under pressure. So how did I overcome this experience? I just had to stay calm, remain confident and continue to do my best.

Monica: I have been lucky in my career so far. But, I have been told by my friends who work in the wine industry that people judge their qualifications by gender in the old days. They studied and worked hard to show they are well qualified at their jobs as women.

Shela: I’ve been working in the baby industry for the past 10 years and it has broadened my knowledge as years pass by. Losing my job for the first time had made it really hard, knowing that I won’t be working with my colleagues whom I treat like my second family. It took a lot of time for me to move on. So after losing my job for the second time, I told myself, “It’s OK” . It only means that the Lord has something better that is in store for me.


What do you dream of achieving with Just Peachy?


Celine: That cloth diapers would become the new normal. No more disposable, polluting diapers.

Sarah: I think when it comes to cloth diapering, parents are grossed out that they have to wash poopy diapers. And I want to help parents overcome that fear. I want parents to see cloth diapers as something that’s easy to do and is a great alternative to disposables.

Monica: I dream of cloth diapering becoming the mainstream in the world, and Just Peachy will become the number one choice of parents.

Shela: I want to see Just Peachy to be the best cloth diapers that a parent could ever have. A cloth diaper that will bring so much comfort in terms of baby’s skin and a comfort to their pocket.

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